Impact United Connecticut Soccer Academy, USA
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Soccer Passion, Become A Complete Soccer Player
CT Impact United Soccer Academy is committed to help players develop on and off the field. We focus on the development of the skill necessary to be a successful player and teammate, while instilling the faith, bible principles and family values. CT Impact United Soccer Academy is proud to have a staff of professional individuals who understand and share the soccer philosophy of this wonderful soccer academy. Our expert coaches guide and support our players during the different phases of development. We strive for excellence and our goal is to provide the best resources and guidance to allow players to excel in the proper environment in order to reach their highest potential both on a personal level (players skill set) and on a team level (their role on the team), competition and strategy.
Our History
Connecticut Impact United Soccer Academy

The academy
The diversity of the origin of our coaches (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Honduras, Italy, USA) enriches our soccer culture and it allows us to focus on an international style of training that combines the strong tactical / physical game that is found in Europe with the creative and technical game of South America.