Competitive Uniform Policy

Competitive Uniform Policy

Online Uniform Ordering:
CT IMPACT UNITED uniforms are ordered on an individual basis through TRIBACK online ordering system or in person.
Game Day Uniform Combinations and Training gear:
Home Uniform: Green Jersey, Black Shorts and Black Socks.
Away Uniform: Yellow Jersey, Black Shorts and Black Socks.
Training gear: Two training jerseys
These are the only permitted combinations of the uniform that you may use. Teams may not substitute colors around on the uniforms. There is also no mixing and matching. All pieces of the game uniform should be brought to all games.

Competitive Uniform Policy
CT IMPACT UNITED maintains a two-year purchase policy for our competitive teams that is compliant with the existing sponsorship agreement between the club and our current uniform sponsors.
All competitive teams will be required to purchase a new uniform kit every two years.
Uniforms must be used in all league and tournament play for each team respective season immediately following the uniform launch. The CTIUSA competitive uniform policy governs uniforms purchase for all CTIUSA and NMIUSC competitive teams. The training jersey must be used in all practices.
The President and DOC of CT IMPACT UNITED SOCCER ACADEMY will determine the uniform for every 2 year cycle.
Special Events Attire / Award Banquet for League Champions
Teams/players attending a special event must wear the attire selected by the club for this occasion; Players would have to buy this attire in case the team / player attends a special event of these.
Uniform Policy Details
All players entering in the competitive program during the 1st year of a uniform cycle will be required to purchase the complete competitive uniform kit. All players entering the competitive program during the end of 2nd year of a uniform cycle will be offered a season discount to compensate for the extra expense of the new uniform at the end of the uniform cycle.
New Uniforms (Fall 2019 to Fall 2021) - Required Uniform Pieces
Players must have the CTIUSA uniform Pieces and may not use any other substitution.
2 Game Jerseys
1 Game Shorts
1 Game Socks
1 Training Jersey

Optional Uniform Pieces:
Players may purchase other Optional Uniform Pieces which will be posted on the TRIBACK website. (Back Pack, Warm-up Pants , Warm-up Jacket, hats, etc?)
Assignment of Uniform Numbers:
All competitive team uniforms must have a number and Name/Last Name of player. Please contact the registrar person to see what numbers are available. (Maria Molina / 203-2977177).
We want all players to be able to keep the same number through their entire competitive career.
Training shirts don't come with a number or name.

Uniform & Equipment Care:
Soccer Ball: Each player is required to bring a soccer ball to all practices and games. Players should have a leather or synthetic ball (NO PLASTIC BALLS). All ball need to be properly inflated. We recommend that all players have a pump to pump their own ball but coaches should also have a pump.

Ball sizes:   
Size 3:  U5-U8
Size 4: U9-U12                
Size 5:   U13 and Up
Back Pack: Players should bring their bag to all practices and games. In it should always be their ball, pump, needles for the pump, cleats, shin guards, socks, hair bands (as needed), water and all required uniform pieces.
Shin Guards: Must be worn during all practices and games.
Shoes: Players should have the appropriate shoe for the field and weather. Metal cleats are not allowed.
Practice Uniform: Each player should wear the appropriate athletic gear to practice. Girls must have a shirt on at all times (may not train in sports bras) and boys must have a shirt on at all time (no shirts and skins games). Players with long hair should have it pulled back in a ponytail or braid.
Game Uniforms: Must be washed, clean and in good condition. All uniform pieces must be brought to all matches regardless of location of the match (home or away).       
Uniform Special Care Instructions: This item contains Color-Print logos, transfers, numbers, name and other prints that require special care.                                                                                                            
Washing - Machine wash inside-out in cold water using a mild detergent, no bleach of any kind can be used.                                                                                                                          
Drying - Line/hang drying is highly recommended. Optional: Tumble dry garments using the lowest possible temperature setting.                                                                                                    
DO NOT iron garment directly over transfers or numbers.                                                                                            
DO NOT dry-clean.                                                                                                                                                                    
DO NOT apply perfume or cologne near transfers or numbers.                                                                                    
DO NOT leave inside your car at high temperatures during the summer.                                        

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